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Intellectual property rights

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Links to other websites

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If there is a link to an external Website we ask you to check the conditions of use and the privacy policy of this external website.

Consequences in a case of non-compliance with the conditions of use

If the user violates any of these conditions of use, Di Otonowa reserves the right to take appropriate actions in this regard.

Specifically, Di Otonowa may, without prior notice, remove any data or content posted by the user on the Website; the user’s account may be deleted or the user may be otherwise prevented from using the services offered by the Website.

This is in any case without prejudice to the right of Di Otonowa to seek compensation for any damages sustained.

Amendments to the conditions of use

Di Otonowa may update and rewrite these Conditions of Use at any time.

Updates of the Conditions of Use will be binding on the users once posted on the website.

Di Otonowa will notify users about these updates in the manner that is deemed most appropriate from time to time.