About Us

DI OTONOWA, born of fervent passions, inspirations and solid experiences that unite the members of the international team, blooms in the center of high fashion and luxury in Milan.

It's a story of family, love, creativity and know-how, of sincere friendships with deep and strong cooperation relationships, a set of professional skills and passions rooted in the worlds of art, design, diamonds and gems.

Embraced essential values of quality, responsibility and ethics along with distinction, innovation and attention to detail in the design of jewelry, DI OTONOWA specializes in creating treasures to send to loved ones.

Strengths and passion in diamonds with clarity, precision and fundamental international relations allows the company to have more competitive and ample opportunities in the supply of particular sets of diamonds on request, as well as of single stones and pieces of unique and exclusive.

DI OTONOWA is a story of love, creativity and continuous revelation of beauty.
Andrea and Nata De Marco are designers and engineers, creators of the idea DI OTONOWA. With grandmother named Argentina.
Piazza San Marco, Venice, June 14, 2012.